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indoor playground equipment

Product ID:LEOS-014
Size:108 SQ.M
Themed:Aladdin themed
Description:Nice Aladdin theme decorations,Projection slide ,ball pouring machine



Soft play simple introduce

Indoor playgrounds are gaining popularity because they offer comfortable and secure play areas, and they give kids a chance to burn energy regardless of weather conditions. Parents and caretakers can relax as kids freely explore fun games and stimulating activities.

Soft play that help kids not only to develop physically, but also help cognitive, social and emotional development as well. It seems a merely play for children but it’s really important for them! 

kids learn to coordinate their movements, improve flexibility of the leg and hip, arms and trunks, perceive risks and the need to coordinate eyes movements with the head.

Playground is a great way for children to understand: strong training, postural control, social interaction; they build better muscles tone and endurance. Children who learn good balance and stability in a young age have a better understanding of body awareness and coordination, resulting better in concentration, they improve cognitive development of speed, force, and direction. 

An innovative playground stimulates a sensory system with its images, colours and decorative elements. In addition, it permits a social ,interaction between children: they understand the importance to respect the play.

Recent studies have shown the importance of play not just for the happiness and physical development of kids, but for contribution to learning. Children who engage in regular play sessions develop and increased ability to concentrate and learn. 




108 SQ.M or customized size

Use Age



40 people

Use square range

150 SQ.M


2 levels structure


Aladdin  theme 

Main Material

Galvanized steel pipe,mulit layer wooden board,0.45mm PVC leather ,LLEDP,PP etc

Main Elements

Projection slide ,ball pool ,ball pouring machine ,net tunnel ,nice aladdin theme decorations 

playground main items 

A nice playground must included items are as follows:

(1)Projection slide  ,ball pouring machine & ball pool 





(2) net tunnel




(3)nice Aladdin decorations in playground  & sand play table 


Sand pool & plastic wall climbing 




Of course, opening an indoor playground is a huge business investment, so that it can be profitable as soon as possible. Not only is the customer’s wish, but also our expectation. We will use our knowledge and experience in the indoor playground industry to help you better Good management of your playground will enable you to succeed in the playground field.

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