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No.1:Our professional sales a depth communication with you 

Some things we must need to discuss are as follows:

(1)Exact size of your area 

(2)What the target age for your playground 

(3)which theme or color scheme you like for your playground 

(4)The levels of playground structure have required or not

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(5) For the site selection of playgrounds, our recommendations are as follows:

The goal of your market research will be to discover valuable customer information, such as how many children are in your area, and how much demand exists for an indoor playground. You also need to research what customers are willing to spend money on and where they want to go. To find this information, you can study customers directly through surveys, interviews or online polls. You can also use the information other similar businesses have already collected. Your research will aim to answer the following questions:

How many children are in your community (ages 0-12)?

Do you have enough physical space for a playground?

Are there many tourists in your area, or primarily residents?

How will you differentiate from competition?

Knowing your customer’s age, income, lifestyle and other important demographic information is a good place to start. You can hire a market research company to do the work for you, or you can use online analytics tools and do the job yourself. With many potential customers using social media sites, you can find great demographic data online.

No.2: Our design team customized the latest design

Sales will tell all your requirements to designer ,then our designer will start make your design ,We will make the design drawings to your satisfaction.


No.3:Professional production line and workshop

Our professional production lines and workers guarantee all-round quality standards and delivery dates


No.4:Professional installation team & maintenance

We will provide the professional installation drawing to you ,if your side want installation by yourself,and another way ,we also can send our installation team to your area for these works .



No.5:After-sales services - Warranty Period

We use certified materials, which can keep our indoor amusement equipment in good condition after 3-4 years of use

High-quality indoor amusement equipment can guarantee the life cycle, and regular maintenance can extend the use time of the playground.

We will provide you with daily maintenance information, and recommend matching tools and equipment.

Regarding accessories, we will provide more for you in case you need it.


No.6:Our support

We are professional supplier and exporter of kids play equipments ,and have been cooperating with some distributors in foreign markets for a long time,So we have rich cooperation expersives with these clients,and we will try our best to provide the best support and do the work for you,and your success is important for us ,hope we can work with you in the near future!

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